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A-Truss 2.0, LLC

About A-Truss 2.0, LLC

A-Truss, Inc. opened for business in 1992 and was purchased in 2020 by Brian Nielsen and renamed A-Truss 2.0. We are the industry leader for residential or commercial truss projects. A-Truss 2.0 produces a full range of trusses including floor, roof, and specialty beam trusses. Our service and delivery area cover Nephi, Utah, all the way down to Las Vegas, Nevada. We go above and beyond to use the highest quality materials and build the absolute best trusses for our customers.

Being around this long has taught us much and we pride ourselves on not only having great quality products, but also a great quality team.

Brian the Owner of A-Truss

Meet the Owner

Brian Nielsen has a long history in the truss business. As a young man, he worked with his uncle in a truss business learning the trade and growing with the company, eventually taking it over. He fostered the company for a few more years until he decided to sell his share of the business to a partner.

A couple of years later, trusses came calling again. A fortuitous series of events led Brian to purchase the reputable A-Truss business in Washington. A-Truss sits on five acres of land that includes an office and manufacturing space with plenty of room for storage.

Brain credits much of the company's success to the employees. "Our team has so much knowledge about the truss-building process and everyone  works really hard to take care of our customers." Brian believes three things sell trusses. "First is price, second is quality, and third is service."

Brian supervising two employees woodworking

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A-Truss 2.0, LLC

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