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A-Truss 2.0, LLC

A-Truss 2.0, LLC

Custom Design Trusses

We know not every project can conform to the same mold, so we provide a great opportunity for your project by offering custom designs. The process is simple, easy, and we work directly with you to make sure your trusses arrive the way you expect them to. You can rest easy knowing one of the industry leaders has your back.

exterior shot of trusses

Specialty Designed Trusses

Whether it is floor trusses, beam trusses, or both, we can handle it all. We can provide your choice of rough sawn, timber, and laminated beam trusses for your project - all made with high-quality lumber. No job is too small or too large for A-Truss 2.0!

Our Custom Trusses

A-Truss 2.0, LLC

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