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A-Truss 2.0, LLC

A-Truss 2.0, LLC

Specialty Trusses

A-Truss 2.0 has the expertise you want when it comes to your building project. We are the only company in southern Utah that produces rough sawn, timber, and laminated beam trusses - all customized to your specifications. Whether residential or commercial, your project will be realized faster than ever once we take on the job.

interior shot of trusses

Specialty Beam Trusses

Since we use the highest quality materials, you can trust our Beam Trusses are products you can count on. Rain or shine, we design our beams to withstand almost anything.

exterior shot of trusses

Custom Floor Trusses

Nothing devalues a property more than uneven floors. With our state-of-the-art engineering and quality products, we ensure top-tier results with our custom-made floor trusses.

townhomes being constructed

Commercial Trusses

Approaching that build deadline? We can help the process go faster and make things move along to hit your goals. We have experience with commercial trusses; both beam and floor. Don't waste another second and let us make the project easier.

A-Truss 2.0, LLC

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